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Part 1 Dialogue Interpreting  

EN: Mr. Mei, thank you for doing this interview with us. I was at the show tonight. I must say that I have never seen anything like this before. And I was absolutely thrilled by the performances. They are delicate and yet extremely powerful. What has brought you and your troupe to Washington this year?


分析:此段听力当中thrilled, powerful,这类溢美之辞在英文当中很常见,翻译时应该稍微调整一下,符合中文的表达。


CN: 我很高兴你欣赏我们的节目。今年很特殊,好多事情都碰到一起了。我父亲梅兰芳先生诞辰120周年,他1930年来美国演出的84周年纪念,我本人刚好满80周岁。今年还是中美建交35周年。这是不是很有意义?

参考译文:I am glad you enjoy our performance. This year is special as it witnesses many important occasions. It is my father’s 120th anniversary and also the 84th year of his visit of the United States. This year also marks my 80th birthday. It is also the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and the United States. It is indeed a year worth memorizing, it isn’t?

本句当中的难点在于“碰到一起了”这种比较口语化的表达以及“纪念日”这一概念的反复出现。参考译文比较灵活地处理了这些内容,其中选择的witness, mark这类动词都可以表示恰逢纪念日的意思,需要考生注意学习。

EN: Peking opera is regarded as the cream of Chinese culture, and thus is named national opera. Your father is seen as a great Peking opera master, who created a special artistic school, the Mei school. As a successor to the Mei school, what do you see as your responsibility?


本段应该注意的是两处连接的地方,thus 和who, 像这种内容,对于稍有实力的初级学员应该不会构成太大的问题,但是在日常训练汉英口译的时候,应该有意识地使用,这样的连接和从句形式。有一个相对陌生的词汇,successor, 是继承人的意思。应当注意,这个词和,inheritor不同,前者包含了对于权力传统的继承,后者主要指的是对于财产的继承,注意在练习时候应该区别使用。

CN: 梅派京剧是中国戏曲文化的一个重要分支,有其独特的表演风格。我属于梅派的第二代传人,多年来,在许多海内外梅派艺术家的共同努力下,在中国政府文化部门的支持和帮助下,梅派艺术得到了继承和发扬,今晚表现的艺术家大多是梅派第三代继承人。

As an important school of Chinese opera, the Mei school has its unique features.  I am a member  of the second generation of Mei school. Over these years, thanks to the concerted efforts made by  artists of Mei school home and abroad and the help and support of the cultural department of the Chinese government, the school’s artistic has be carried on. The artists who have performed tonight are mainly from the third generation.

本句应当注意的是对“第二代传人,第三代继承人”的灵活处理。 机械地重复successor一词就会显得非常乏味。除此之外,将在……下重复两遍也会显得比较笨拙,一个thanks to 就会显得灵活了很多。

EN: Your father’s performing tour in US in 1930 was held as a diplomatic triumph and a gift to the peace of the world. Do you think it is still relevant today and what legacy did it leave to today’s generation?

令尊,在1930 全美巡回演出被视为一次外交上的成功,也是为世界和平献上的礼物。您是否认为这次演出至今仍有意义,它给我们遗留下的影响是什么?

这一段要对于细节进行完整的把握,performing tour为巡回演出,relevant 一词应该表达为仍旧有意义,legacy一词也需要加深翻译。

CN: 梅兰芳是第一个把京剧带到海外去表演的中国演员,他84年前在美国的巡回表演,推动了东西方文化交流,梅兰芳以他的表演艺术而著名,而他对世界和平的热爱使他享誉世界,我们这次来美演出,就是要纪念他的精神,希望同美国观众一同分享他的艺术和对世界和平的期盼。

Mr. Mei is the first Chinese performer who introduced Beijing opera to the oversea countries. His performing tour 84 years ago promoted the cultural exchanges between the east and the west. He is known for his art and his ardent love of peace brought him prestige in the world. Our performance this time is to commemorate his spirit and spread his art and expectation to the world people among the American audience.