CATTI 英语三级口译实务试题

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Part 1 Dialogue Interpreting

A: The palace museum has a 600-year history, and a lot of fabulous treasures. It has become one of the most visited museums in China. The palace museum has been listed in the world cultural heritage list since 1987. Now let's head to the palace museum and appreciate its glamour. Let us ask a person who works here, talking to us what she thinks about her job and how does they protect those glory.

B: 我生于北京,也一直住在北京,对北京及北京文物有十分深厚的感情,我也为北京的文物感到自豪,我的职责就是要保护这些文物,以及文物中的历史信息与价值。

A: Exactly,the historical information should always remain the same whether for the movable or unmovable heritage. But how can you manage to preserve it well while making use of its economic value? how to balance

B: 保护环境与取得经济效益并不互相排斥。文物中的历史信息与价值是不可再生的。在保护文物的同时,我们也发挥了其经济效益,比如,我们办了许多场文化展览,还专门为年轻人打造了一个APP,叫皇帝的一天,我们官网上还有卡通版本。

A: We've seen the rapid development of China 's economy, and the heritage protection also plays a key role. However, some local officials only focus on the financial reward regardless of the protection part. Therefore, unthinkable damages are done.

B: 目前形势确实很严峻,根据全国文物调查,自2013年,有约40000/4000个不可移动文物消失了,其中有一半就是因为追求经济的发展而没有收到保护。但是,我相信,这种情况是可以改变的。与此同时,我们政府也在加强相关法律的制定与执行,在讲话中指示,我们要以保护为主,经济发展为辅。目前各级政府已经出台相关保护规章制度。

Part 2 English to Chinese Interpreting

I am delighted to witness an agreement assigning between Liverpool and Kunming. The agreement is the result of a dialogue between the Vice Mayor of Kunming Municipal Government and Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson in Chengdu in September 2015.

This relationship creates a very positive platform from which we can deepen our connection with Kunming and explore how our two cities can mutually benefit each other on a cultural, economic, and creative level.We see our relationship with China as a key element in Liverpool’s future growth. Following on from the positive discussions between Vice Mayor Guan Qinghua and Mayor Anderson, we’re delighted to be in Kunming to formally acknowledge our close partnership with this great city.



The partnership will see the two cities build on existing ties and work together to create a positive, mutually beneficial relationship


The cities will seek to deliver sustainable economic and community benefits by collaborating on a broad range of activities including trade and investment, science and technology, culture, creative, and tourism.


昆明市和利物浦市将积极推动互访,加深了解;深化两市在医疗、生命科学、绿色能源及重要技术等关键经济部门的合作;两市还将相互协作,共同推动今年昆明市在利物浦市举办“海外昆明周”。同时,英国也热烈欢迎昆明代表团到利物浦市参加2016 年国际商业节及相关活动,并希望在接下来的一年深化我们之间的友好联系。


Liverpool is a vibrant and exciting city, which offers great opportunities for investment and we’re very pleased to be exploring this potential with Chinese organisations and businesses. This visit has helped us to identify valuable synergies with key Chinese cities and strengthen our engagement with China.


Part 3 Chinese to English Interpreting


Good evening. It is a pleasure to join you all at the 17th edition of the Montreal en Lumière festival. Light represents justice, kindness, hope, brightness and future. Humankind's worship and love of light are universal. All beautiful things have something to do with light. In Christianity, light is an embodiment of warmth. In China, we also have the Lantern Festival.


The world-famous Montreal en Lumière festival inherits the glorious history of Montreal and heralds a bright future for this great city. Under the leadership of the Montreal government and His Worship MayorDenis Coderre, the city has made tremendous economic and social progress and is heading towards a better future.


Like Montreal, Shenzhen is also a city full of vigour and promise. More than 30 years ago, Shenzhen was only a small fishing village in Southern China's Guangdong Province. It is now an international metropolis with a population over 18 million. Shenzhen's spectacular development is an epitome of China's reform and opening-up.



We appreciate it that Shenzhen is featured as the City of Honour at Montreal's festival of lights this year. I think the festival offers a significant platform for the two cities to strengthen friendship and identify more and new opportunities for cooperation. Forty-five years ago, there was no direct air link between our two countries. Now there are 132 direct flights every week between Chinese and Canadian cities. Forty-five years ago, only 3,000 people travelled to and from China and Canada a year. Now the daily figure is over 3,000.


I would like to express our special thanks to Mayor Denis Coderre, who led a largest trade mission in Montreal's history to China a few months ago. The launch of non-stop flights between Beijing and Montreal makes it more convenient for economic cooperation and for cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Canada, particularly Montreal.


While the government efforts are important, the great achievements in our relations would not have been possible without the support and engagement of our two peoples. I am very optimistic about the future of relations between our two nations. I am sure that if both sides work together, China-Canada relations will have a future as bright as the lights of the Montreal en Lumière festival. Thank you.

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