Beimeng Fu 2016-10-13 15:07
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Every dark cloud has its silver lining. In the case of the second presidential debate, you can credit the Chinese internet for finding the (sort-of) bright side — karaoke!

Here are some lyrics from pop songs you’ll find in in any Chinese karaoke hall that Weibo believes work seamlessly with the candidates’ duet performance complete with links to listen along:


1. “Little dimple long eyelash / so charming no medicine can cure / I slow down my pace / feel like being drunk”

“I’m still looking for someone to rely on, and a hug
“我还在寻找 一个依靠和一个拥抱

Who will pray for me, worry for me, be angry at me, fool around with me
谁替我祈祷/替我烦恼/ 为我生气/为我闹

Happiness is starting to show from a sign, fate slowly bringing us close together

Then loneliness will be swallowed, boredom turning into conversations, there are changes now

Small dimples and long eyelashes are your trademarks

I am unable to sleep everyday, missing your smile

You don’t know how important you are to me

With you, life is just nice at its fullest

Your small dimples and long eyelashes are charming to an incurable extent

I slowed down my steps ‘cos I felt like I was drunk

I finally found the perfection of being on the same frequency

A whole life of warm goodness

I will love you forever till you grow old”

2. “Male: Not enough time to love you really hard.” “Female: [You] should’ve stopped those romantic affairs early.”

3. “What else do you expect from me / what can I do”

4. “Listen to me / hand in hand let’s go together / to create a great life”

5. “Hey you / I’m talking about you / please come to my arms / don’t pretend you don’t care / you are obviously fallen”
“Hey you! 就是你/请靠近我怀里/别假装不在意/你明明动了心。”(《恋爱达人》)

6. “Darling / please fly slowly / be careful about the thorny roses ahead”

7. “Female: are you also waiting / for the soulmate love”

8. “Turn away and leave / Couldn’t say ‘break up’ / love between bird and fish / It was just an accident”

Yes, English-speakers were in on the fun too, but China went the extra mile when it comes to their creations

Like, this wasn’t the best thing ever but you have to give them points for effort.

The Communist Youth League of China also joined in because why miss out on a chance to troll democracy?

Last night was seen in the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party’s youth wing as a perfect example of the “nasty election and low democracy” as an article published along with the picture called it. The article received over 3,600 comments, mostly agreeing with the sentiment.