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1. All of the plants now farmed on a large scale were developed from plants ____wild.
A. that once grow B. once they grow? C. they once grew D. once grew
2. By the time you graduate, we____in Australia for one year.
A. will be staying B. will have stayed ? C. would have stayed D. have stayed
3. He appreciated____the chance to deliver his thesis in the annual symposium on Comparative Literature.
A. having given B. to have been given?C. to have given D. having been given
4. The government official can hardly find sufficient grounds ____his arguments in favor of the revision of the tax law.
A. on which to base B. which to be based on C. to base on which D. on which to be based
5. Living in the desert involves a lot of problems, ?____? water shortage is the worst. A. not to mention B. of which? C. let alone D. for what
6. Hydrogen is one of the most important element in the universe ____it provides the building blocks from which the other elements are produced.
that B. but that C. provided that D. in that
7. Just as relaxation is an important part of our lives,____stress.
is B. as it is C. and so is D. the same is
8. Victor took a bus and headed for home, ____if his wife would have him back.
A. not to know B. not known ? C. not knowing D. not having known
9. We can make an exception ____.
A. in any case of John B. in case of John ?C. in case of John’s D. in the case of John
10. When the Cultural Revolution was launched in China, his father ___ college.
A. attended B. had been attending? C. was attending D. has been attending
11. My cat is a fussy eater, but my dog is so ____that she’ll swallow down anything that is put in front of her.
A. indiscriminate B. choosy ? C. indefinite D. picky
12. “This house is more ____than the federal government!” Mac complained to his parents. “You have rules for everything.”
A. systematic B. democratic C. bureaucratic D. public
13. The American people’s ____of being polite is different from that held here in China.
A. mind B. concept? C. consideration D. thought
14. Well, that is probably all I can say about sports. Next time I’ll take up the topic of some other ____activities.
A. refreshment B. entertainment ? C. pleasure D. leisure
15. Where there is an earthquake, energy is ____in one area along a crack in the earth crust.
A. repelled B. released C. run D. rushed
16. The old gardener used to keep all his tools and do it yourself equipment in a ____in the garden.
A. barn B. room C. hut D. shed
17. I’ve got a big coffee____on the front of my dress.
A. pore B. patch C. stain D. grease
18. She broke her leg, but the ____healed quickly.
A. fracture B. injury C. skeleton D. cavity
19. You’d better add them up. I’m not good at ____.
A. figures B. characters C. summaries D. counters
20. The girl chose some very pretty ____paper for the present.
A. covering B. wrapping C. packing ting
21. The two scholars worked at the task of writing a preface to the new dictionary for three hours ?____last night.
A. at length B. in full C. on end D. in time
22. I can’t read the marks and notes Jim made in the margin. They are too____.
B. foggy C. transparent D. misty
23. A highly organized system of irrigation is ____Chinese agriculture.
A. typical of B. consistent with? C. famous for D. subject to
24. Jack is very ____about wines.
A. aware B. knowledgeable ? C. learned D. informed
25. As for Ann, I am not sure about her ____in Italian.
A. fluency B. clarity C. coherence D. excellency 


1. A) 【句意】大规模种植的农作物都繁衍于野生植物。
2. B) 【句意】到你毕业的时候,我们在澳洲居住就会有一年了。
【难点】将来完成时常和by the time+句子的结构连用。
3. D) 【句意】他得到一个在比较文学年度讨论会上宣读论文的机会,他对此表示感激。
4. A) 【句意】那位政府官员找不到足够的证据去说明他为什么赞成修改税法。
【难点】to base sth on sth 意为“把……建立在……的基础上”。which指代grounds.
5. B) 【句意】居住在沙漠里牵涉很多问题,其中缺水是最严重的问题。
【难点】of which 引导非限制性定语从句,which指代problems。
6. D)【句意】氢是宇宙中最重要的元素之一,因为它提供了其它元素赖以产生的建构框架。
【难点】in that相当于because,引导原因状语从句。
7. A) 【句意】正象休闲一样,紧张也是我们生活中的一个重要部分。
  【难点】just as...,so...意为“如同…,也是…”。
8. C) 【句意】维格坐公共汽车回家去了,不知道他的妻子对他的归来能否接受。
【难点】not knowing为现在分词短语,作伴随状语。
9. D) 【句意】我们可以把约翰的事作为例外。
【难点】 in the case of...意为“在…的情况下”;in case of 意为“以防,万一”
10. C) 【句意】文化大革命在中国开始的时候,他父亲在上大学。
11. A) 【句意】我的猫很挑食,可我的狗一点也不挑,你给她什么她就吃什么。
【难点】 indiscriminate意为“不加区别的;一视同仁的”;choosy意为“爱挑剔的,过于讲究的”;indefinite意为“不确定的”;picky意为 “吹毛求疵的;爱挑剔的”。
12. C) 【句意】“这个家比联邦政府还官僚”,麦克跟父母抱怨道,“你们什么事都有条条框框”。
【难点】 bureaucratic意为“官僚主义的”;systematic意为“系统的”;democratic意为“民主的”;public意为“公共的”。
13. B) 【句意】美国人的礼貌观念和中国人的不同。
14. D) 【句意】好,有关体育运动我就说这么多。下次我要选一个关于其它休闲活动的话题来谈。
15. B) 【句意】在发生地震的地方,能量会沿着地壳的一条缝隙在一个地区释放出来。
16. D) 【句意】那位老园丁以前总是把他所有的工具和可组装的设备放在花园的棚子里。
17. C)【句意】我连衣裙的前部有一个很大的咖啡污渍。
18. A)【句意】她的腿摔断了,可是骨折处很快就痊愈了。
19. A)【句意】你最好把它们加起来。我不擅长算数。
20. B)【句意】女孩选了一些非常漂亮的包装纸包礼物。
【难点】这四个选项中只有wrapping paper有“包装纸”的意思,符合题意。
21. C)【句意】那两位学者昨天晚上花了三个小时为新字典写序。
【难点】on end意为“连续不断地”,和表示时间的词连用。at length意为“最后,终于”;in full意为“全部地”;in time意为“及时,不迟”。
22. A)【句意】我读不懂吉姆在空白处做的记号和注解,它们太模糊了。
23. A)【句意】灌溉系统组织严密是中国农业的典型特点。
【难点】typical of意为“特有的,典型的”;consistent with意为“与…一致;与…相符合”;famous for意为“以…著名”;subject to意为“由…决定的;取决于…的”。
24. B)【句意】 杰克对酒很在行。
【难点】 knowledgeable意为“知识渊博的;有见识的”;aware意为“意识到的,知道的”,与of搭配;learned意为“有学问的,博学的”,作定语或后接介词in; informed意为“见闻广的;了解情况的”,作定语。
25. A) 【句意】至于安,我不知道她的意大利语是否流利。
【难点】 fluency意为“流利,流畅”;clarity意为“清晰,明晰”;coherence意为“连贯性,紧凑”;excellency意为“优点,优秀”。