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1. Nowhere in nature is aluminum found free, owing to its always____with other elements, most commonly with oxygen.
A. being combined B. having combined ? C. to combine D. combined

2. Physics is the present?day equivalent of ____used to be called natural philosophy, from ____ most of present day science arose.
A. which, what B. that, which C. what, which D. what, that
3. On no account ____ever leave the baby at home alone.
A. should you B. you should C. shall you D. you shall
4. ____the center of our planetary system was considered as heresy by the church in the Middle Ages.
A. It is the sun and not the earth ?B. That the sun and not the earth
C. Being the sun and not the earth ?D. The sun and not the earth
5. The reason that his property was confiscated by the country, it ____, was that he was involved in a lot of fraudulent activities during the war.
A. was turned out B. was being turned out? C. being turned out D. turned out
6. I’d rather you ____by train because the weather forecast said there would be heavy snow tomorrow.
A. went B. should go C. will go D. go
7. Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921 and enjoyed great fame in Germany until the rise of Nazism ?____he was expelled from Germany because he was a Jew.
A. when B. who C. then D. which
8. Nowhere but in the remotest region of the country ____find a place to settle down.
A. can he B. he can C. he D. for him to
9. With one leg broken in that car accident, he cannot even walk,____run.
A. let alone B. that’s to say ? C. not to speak D. not to mention
10.____, she led a life of complete seclusion.
A. Being disgraced B. Disgraced C. Disgracing D. She was disgraced
11. Sometimes a bus ____gets on the bus to check the tickets.
A. agent B. officer C. conductor D. inspector
12. He made a quick ____from his illness.
A. relief B. recovery C. survival D. relaxation
13.____the stress of examinations are over, we can all relax.
A. While B. Even though C. Now that D. For
14. My cousin Nancy is often in a poisonous mood; I suppose it’s because she is ____child.
 A. one B. a lone C. a single D. an only
15.____the factors already referred to, people sometimes feel insecure because their motives are misunderstood by others.
A. But for B. Except for C. Apart from D. Except that
16. If the scheme is ____carried out without waste of time or energy I shall be completely satisfied.
vely B. noticeably ? C. appropriately D. efficiently
17. One day we all may find it useful to have a(n) ____for sending documents, writing any pictures across the telephone lines.
A. receiver B. echo C. extension D. facility
18. To their credit the Department of Energy ____these ideas and funded a detailed study.
A. took over B. took on C. took up D. took to
19. Feeling that she was in the right, she took ____at the dirty remark.
A. protection B. offense C. defense D. guard
20. They agreed to share in common any ____of funds after all expenses were paid in full.
A. sufficiency B. surpass C. excess D. surplus
21. He was ____her in intelligence.
A. below B. under C. beneath D. down
22. It took a lot of imagination to come up with such an ____ plan.
A. bright B. clever C. brilliant D. ingenious
23. In the refining process, rice and flour lose much of their ____.
A. acid B. alcohol C. vitamin D. sulphur
24. Individual lines of the poem were very beautiful, but I didn’t see how the lines fit together. To me, the poem wasn’t ____.
A. inherent B. coherent C. logical D. corporate
25. To an especially sensitive child, a simple scolding can be a ____experience.
A. hysterical B. grievous C. gracious D. sensible


1. A) 【句意】由于铝总是和其它元素结合在一起,最常见的是和氧气在一起,所以自然界中哪里也不会找到单独的铝元素。
【难点】owing to 是介词,后应接名词或动名词,根据题意,应接被动语态形式。
2. C) 【句意】当今的物理就是以前被称之为自然哲学的等同物,大多数现代科学都产生于自然哲学。
【难点】what used to be called作定语,修饰natural philosophy,from which引导一个非限制性定语从句。
3. A) 【句意】你决不应该把小孩一个人放在家里。
【难点】on no account 意为“决不”属否定意义的词,引导倒装句,所以只有A)项正确。
4. B)【句意】 太阳系的中心是太阳而不是地球这一事实被中世纪的教会认为是异端邪说。
【难点】 That引导主语从句,全句的谓语是was considered.
5. D) 【句意】后来证明他的财产被国家没收的原因是,战争期间他参与了诈骗活动。
【难点】it turned out (to be)这里作插入语,意为“证明?是…”。
6. A) 【句意】我宁愿你乘火车去,因为天气预报说明天将有大雪。
【难点】would rather 后接虚拟语气的从句,用一般过去时。
7. A) 【句意】爱因斯坦于1921年获诺贝尔奖金,在德国享有盛誉。后来随着纳粹主义的兴起,他被逐出德国,因为他是个犹太人。
【难点】关系副词when引导的定语从句修饰名词词组the rise of Nazism。
8. A) 【句意】他只能在最遥远的地方找个安身之处。
9. A) 【句意】在车祸中,他的一条腿骨折,他连走路都不行,更不用说跑了。
【难点】let alone意为“更不必说”;not to mention意为“再加上”;that is to say意为“也就是说”。

10. B) 【句意】失宠后,她过着完全隐居的生活。
11. C) 【句意】有时,公共汽车检票员上车查票。
【难点】bus conductor意为“公共汽车售票员”;agent意为“代理人,中介人”;officer意为“军官,官员”;inspector意为“检查员,视察员”。
12. B) 【句意】他很快恢复了健康。
13. C) 【句意】既然考试的紧张已经过去,我们现在可以放松了。
【难点】now that意为“既然;由于”,用于新的事情的发生,接一般现在时的句子。while意为“虽然”;even though意为“即使”,for意为“因为”,不能用于句首。
14. D)【句意】我表妹南希的情绪经常很糟,我想这是因为她是独生子的缘故。
【难点】表示“独生子”的时候,只能说an only child。
15. C) 【句意】除了已经提及的因素外,有时人们感到不安全是因为他们的动机被他人误解。
【难点】apart from是包含在内的“除了”;excepr for和except that是不包含在内的除了;but for意为“要不是”。
16. D) 【句意】如果计划能在不浪费时间和精力的情况下得到有效实施,我将十分满意。
17. D) 【句意】 有朝一日我们会发现,拥有一个能通过电话线发送信息、绘制图片的设备是非常有用的。
18. C) 【句意】令他们感到光荣的是,能源部采纳了这些想法并为一个详细的研究报告作了资助。
【难点】take up意为“采纳(观点)”;take over意为“接收,接管,占据”;take on 意为“承担”;take to意为“喜欢上”。
19. B) 【句意】她觉得自己有理,因此,她对这样肮脏的话语十分恼怒。
【难点】 take offence意为“对…生气”;protection意为“保护”;defense意为“防卫”;guard意为“看守;警戒”。
20. D) 【句意】他们同意在全部费用支出后共享剩余的资金。
21. A) 【句意】他的智力不如她。
22. D) 【句意】想出这样一个天才的计划需要丰富的想象力。
23. C) 【句意】在加工过程中,大米和面粉失去大量维生素。
24. B) 【句意】这首诗的每个单行写得很美,但我不明白各行是如何联系在一起的。依我看,这首诗不连贯。
25. B)【句意】对十分敏感的儿童来说,一次简单的呵斥可能会成为极其痛苦的经历。