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1.____in the past, at the moment it is a favorite choice for wedding gown.
A. Unpopular has as white been ? B. White has been as unpopular
C. Unpopular has been as white ? D. Unpopular as white has been

2.____for a long time, the fields are all dried up.
A. There has been no rain ? B. Having no rain
C. There having been no rain? D. There being no rain

3. The millions of calculations involved, ____by hand, would have lost all practical value by the time they were finished.
A. had they been done ? B. they had been done
C. having been done ? D. they were done

4. Televisions enable us to see things happen almost at the exact moment____.
A. which they are happening ? B. they are happening
C. which they happen ? D. they have happened

5.____me most was that the young boy who had lost both arms in an accident could handle a pen with his feet.
A. That amazed B. It amazed? C. Which amazed D. What amazed

6. Although she wrote a lot of short stories and poems when she was very young, ____she was twenty?five.
A. her first real success did not come until
B. her real first success came until not
C. since her first real success did not come until
D. not until her first real success

7. You should know better than____ your little sister at home by herself.
A. to leave B. leaving C. to have left D. left

8. As the train will not leave until one hour later, we ____grab a bite at the snack bar.
A. may well B. just as well ? C. might as well D. as well

9. She resorted to ____ when she had no money to buy foods for her children.
A. have stolen B. steal C. stole D. stealing

10. The boy has admitted to ____ the window while playing football yesterday.
A. breaking B. having been broken ?C. break D. be breaking

11. Betty advised me to label our luggage carefully in case it gets ____in transit.
A. misused B. mishandled C. mistaken D. mislaid

12.____money, she is quite rich. However, this does not mean that she is happy.
A. Concerning B. As to ? C. In terms of D. In the light of

13. A well?written composition ____good choice of words and clear organization among other things.
A. calls for B. calls on C. calls up D. calls off

14. It is ____with the customer not to let the shop assistants guess what she really likes and wants until the last moment.
A. in her honor B. on her honor C. a point of honor D. an honor

15. This house will probably come on the ____next month.
A. fair B. market C. shop D. store

16. George was introduced to ____activities at a young age, when she was hire to act as a lookout for drugdealers.
A. illegal B. lawful C. faithful D. peaceful

17. An institution that properly carries the name university is a more comprehensive and complex institution than any other kind of higher education____.
A. settlement B. establishment C. costruction D. structure

18. People’s status in society is frequently ____by how much they own.
A. measured B. examined C. tested D. questioned

19. Jack is so ____to his appearance that he never has his clothes pressed.
A. adverse B. anonymous C. indifferent D. casual

20. There is an increasing ____to make movies describing violence.
A. strength B. direction C. tradition D. trend

21. Outside my office window there is a fire ____ on the right.
A. escape B. ladder C. steps D. stairs

22. I ____with the Browns during my stay in New York City.
A. put in B. put down C. put on D. put up

23. Operations which left patients ____ and in need of long periods of discovery time now leave them feeling relaxed and comfortable.
A. exhausted B. unhealthy C. upset D. fearful

24. Farmers are allowed to grow small gardens of their own and they sell their vegetables ____ the black market.
A. on B. at C. in D. for

25. The electric fan does not work because of the ____of service.
A. pause B. break C. interruption D. breakdown 


1. D) 【句意】虽然白色过去不受欢迎,但目前它是婚纱的首选颜色。
【难点】as是连词,引导让步状语从句时,往往使用半倒装形式。又如:Beautiful as she is, she is foolish.

2. C) 【句意】由于长时间无雨,田野变得十分干燥。
【难点】该句的前半部分是There be结构,完成式独立结构形式,这与时间状语for a long time相吻合。

3. A) 【句意】数百万次计算如果用手工操作,那么,到计算结束的时候,就将失去其全部实际意义。

4. B) 【句意】电视使我们能够在事情发生的那一瞬间就看到它们是如何发生的。

5. D) 【句意】最令我惊讶的是,这个在车祸中失去双臂的小男孩能够用脚使用钢笔。

6. A) 【句意】虽然她很小的时候就写了很多短篇小说和诗歌,但她直到25岁才迎来第一次真正的成功。
【难点】这是一个练习not until结构的句子。

7. A) 【句意】你应该知道,不该把你小妹妹一个人留在家里。
【难点】to know better than to do sth.是一个常见的表示责备的句型,意为“应该知道不该做某事”。

8. C) 【句意】既然火车一个小时以后才开,我们不妨到快餐店吃口东西。
【难点】might as well后接动词原形,意为“不妨,何不”。

9. D) 【句意】当她没钱为孩子买吃的东西时,她开始偷。
【难点】resort to意为:求助于,其中to是介词,后接动名词。

10. A) 【句意】那个男孩承认在昨天踢足球的时候打破了窗子。
【难点】admit to中的to是介词,后接名词或动名词。

11. D) 【句意】贝蒂建议我把我们的行李认真地贴上标签以免运输中放错位置。

12. C) 【句意】就钱而言,她很富裕。然而这并不意味着她幸福。
【难点】in terms of意为“从……方面来说”;concerning意为“关于”;as to也是“关于;至于”;in the light of 意为“鉴于,由于”。

13. A) 【句意】一篇好文章,除其它因素外,还要求选词优美,组织清晰。
【难点】call for意为“要求,需要”;call on意为“号召,请求”;call up意为“使人想起” ;call off意为“取消,停止做”。

14. C) 【句意】对于顾客来说,直到最后时刻才让售货员猜出她真正喜欢什么,真正想买什么,这是一个涉及面子的问题。
【难点】a point of honor意为“涉及名誉的事情”;in one’s honor意为“为某人的荣誉”; on one’s honor意为“以名誉担保”;an honor意为“光荣的人或事”。

15. B)【句意】这座房子可能下月上市。
【难点】on the market意为“上市,出售”; fair意为“集市;庙会;交易会”;shop是“商店”;store是“储存;仓库”。

16. A) 【句意】很小的时候,乔治被介绍参与了非法活动,他受雇为毒贩子放哨。
【难点】illegal 意为“不合法的,非法的”;lawful 意为“依法的,守定的”;faithful意为“忠实的,守信的”;peaceful 意为“平静的;安宁的”。

17. B) 【句意】能称得上大学称号的机构是一个比其他种类高等教育机构都更复杂更综合的机构。
【难点】establishment 意为“企业,设施(公司,学校,医院,教会等)”;settlement 意为“定居点;殖民地”;construction意为“建造;建筑物”;structure是“结构,构造”。

18. A) 【句意】人的社会地位常常由他们拥有的财富的多少来衡量。
【难点】measure 意为“估量,衡量”;examine 意为“检查;仔细观察”;test意为“试验,测试”;question意为“询问,审问”。

19. C) 【句意】杰克从不注意自己的外表,衣服从来不烫。
【难点】indifferent意为“漠不关心的”; adverse意为“不利的,反对的”;anonymous 意为“匿名的”; casual意为“非正式的,不拘礼节的”。

20. D) 【句意】暴力片的拍摄大有上升趋势。
【难点】trend意为“倾向,趋势”;strength意为“力量,实力”;direction意为“方向”;tradition 意为“传统”。

21. A) 【句意】我办公室的窗外右侧有一个救生楼梯。
【难点】fire escape 意为“防火安全楼梯(位于楼房的外侧面)”;ladder意为“梯子”;steps意为“台阶”;stairs意为“楼梯”,指室内的。

22. D) 【句意】我在纽约市逗留期间和布朗一家人过了一夜。
【难点】put up意为“宿夜”;put in 意为“度过,消磨(时间等)”;put down意为“写下,记录”;put on 意为“上演,演出”。

23. A) 【句意】以前,病人手术后精疲力竭,需长时间才能恢复,现在手术的病人却感到既轻松又舒适。
【难点】exhausted 意为“精疲力竭的”;unhealthy意为“不健康的”;upset意为“苦恼的,不适的”;fearful 意为“担心的,可怕的”。

24. A) 【句意】农夫们被允许在自己的菜园耕种,并将蔬菜拿到黑市上去卖。
【难点】on the market 意为“上市, 出售中”,其它介词搭配不合适。

25. C) 【句意】由于中止了服务,所以电扇不转了。
【难点】interruption 意为“中止,中断”;pause 意为“暂停,间歇”;break意为“停顿,间歇”;breakdown意为“损坏,故障”。