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I cloze

1. A where

2. B fades

3. D while

4. C damaging

5. A well-bing

6. A turns

7. C workouts

8. B functions 

9. D process

10.C excel

11.D However

12.A according to

13 B further

14 A sharpness

15 D allows

16 B track 

17 D on 

18. C constantly

19 C build

20 B effective

II Reading comprehension

Part A

Text 1

21 B  Encourage job seekers’active engagement in job seeking.

22 C  to register for an allowance from the government.

23 A  A desire to secure a better life for all.

24A  uneasy.

25 B  Osborne’s reforms will reduce the risk of unemployment.

Text 2
26 .D. The attraction of financial rewards

27. C. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in another major

28. B. The rigid bodies governing the profession

29. A. Bans outsides’ involvement in the profession

30. C. A problem in America’s legal profession and solutions to it

Text 3
31A  the symbol of the entrepreneurs
32B: the founders of the new rewards
33D: the demonstration of research foundings
34A: their endurance has done justice to them
35A : acceptable despite the criticism

Text 4 

36 A  critical

37 C  keep a leading position in liberal education

38 A  an exclusive study of American history

39 B  cautious about intellectual investigation

40 B  illiberal education and “the Heart of the Matter”.

Part B

41. C How do archaeologists

42. F Most archaeologists, however

43. G Ground surveys allow

44. D Surveys can cover

45. B In otehr case

Part C

46. It is also the reason why when we try to describe music with words, all we can do is articulate our reactions to it and not grasp music itself.


47. By all accounts he was a freethinking person, and a courageous one, and I find courage an essential quality for the understanding, let along the performance, of his works.


48. Beethoven’s habit of increasing the volume with an extreme intensity and then abruptly following it with a sudden soft passage was only rarely used by composers before him.


49. Especially significant was his views of freedom, which, for him, was associated with the rights and responsibilities of the individual; he advocated freedom of thought and of personal expression.


50. One could interpret much of the work of Beethoven by saying that suffering is inevitable, but the courage to fight it renders life worth living.


III Writing

Part A

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to put forward some suggestions concerning the ways to improve student’s physical condition in your university. My proposals are as the following.

First and foremost, I propose that we should take advantages of physical education classes on our campus, and not only educate students to realize the significance of the classes, but also to encourage students to take an active part in the classes. More importantly, we should attach importance to the role played by extra-curricular activates. For example, we could plan and organize a large number of such ball games as football games, basketball games and so on.

It’s my honor to share my opinions concerned with you. If you could take my advice into consideration, I will be highly grateful.

                                           Sincerely yours,

                                               Li Ming

Part B

As is shown above, in the first picture, along the road walked a young and vigorous mother, leading her girl hand in hand, with smile on her face three decades ago, while nowadays the daughter in the prime of her life guided her aged mother through the road arm in arm in the second picture. Recently there is a heated discussion about these pictures on Wei bo. Simple as they are, the meaning behind is as deep as ocean.

 The meaningful drawing mirrors a common phenomenon in contemporary society that there is the positive influence of fealty. It is universally acknowledged that supporting the aged is the responsibility of the sons and daughters of the Chinese people. First of all, emphases should be given to the cultivation of young children on respecting and loving the elders, which is undoubtedly an essential factor of this phenomenon. In addition, our government should take joint efforts to carry out effective measures on how to punish those who abuse the elders. Last but not the least, every individuals should keep deep in mind that it is the elders that contributed a lot to the rapid development of our society.

 Given all the above arguments, I take the attitude that, first of all, we should show filial piety to parents who bring us to maturity. More importantly, the public should embrace and promote the awareness of filial duty which is importance for a more active and healthy society. In conclusion, filial piety, as a traditional Chinese virtue, is indispensable for us living a more valuable and fulfilling life.