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  爱岗敬业 cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work

  保持国民经济发展的良好势头 maintain a good momentum of growth in the national economy

  保持国有股 keep the State-held shares

  保证下岗职工的基本生活 guarantee the basic needs of laid-off workers

  被指控接受贿赂 be accused of accepting bribes

  采取不同的办法 adopt various methods

  采取反垄断措施 take anti-monopoly measures

  承担风险 bear (take) risk

  筹集足够的资金 raise enough funds (capital, proceeds)

  创收外汇 earn foreign exchange (currency)

  刺激国内经济需求 spur domestic demand

  刺激国内需求 stimulate domestic demand

  从粗放经济转变为集约经济 shift from extensive economy to intensive economy

  从国外引进先进技术和管理 introduce from abroad the advanced technology and

  经验 management expertise

  促进地区间的合作 promote regional cooperation

  促进改革 promote reform

  促进全球经济一体化 foster integration with the global economy

  打黑 crack down on speculation and profiteering

  打假 take strong measures against fake and shoddy products (crack down on counterfeit goods)

  打破垄断 break the monopoly

  对…提出控告 (投诉) lodge complaints against…

  对…造成 (构成)威胁 form (pose) a threat to…

  夺回失去的市场 take back lost market

  发挥自身优势 give full play to one’s advantages

  防范和化解金融风险 take precautions against and reduce financial risks

  改善投资环境 improve the environment for investment

  赶超先进 surpass the advanced

  给…带来积极影响 bring a more positive impact on…

  根据市场作出调整 gear ourselves to the market orientation

  公证财产 notarize the properties

  和…达成 (签订)协议 reach (sign) an agreement with

  和…进一步合作 further cooperation with

  和…有合作关系 have cooperative ties with

  活跃市场 enliven the market

  集中精力把经济建设搞上去 go all out for economic development

  计算出准确的工资水平 figure out an exact salary level

  加快经济发展和结构调整 speed up economic development and restructuring

  加快竞争步伐 accelerate the competition

  加快努力 speed up efforts

  加强风险防范 prepare oneself against possible risks

  加强管理 reinforce the management

  减缓通货紧缩的压力 ease the seriousness of deflation

  减轻…的负担 reduce (lighten) the burden of (on)

  减员增效 downsize for efficiency; cut payroll to improve efficiency

  剪彩 cut the ribbon

  解除劳动关系 sever labor relation

  解放生产力 emancipate the productive forces (free the productivity)

  精简机构 streamline government organs

  竟争上岗 compete for the post

  举报非法行为 disclose any illegal activities

  开辟更多渠道 open more channels

  开发 (青睐)中国市场 tap (favor) the Chinese market

  开拓市场 exploit markets

  控制通货膨胀 control inflation (keep inflation under control)

  扩大贫富差距 widen the gap between the rich and the poor

  扩大消费市场 expand consumption market

  留职停薪 retain the job but suspend the salary

  面对可能的压力和竞争 face possible pressure and competition

  牟取暴利 seek excessive profits

  平衡经济 (的发展) balance economy

  取缔非法收入 ban unlawful incomes (illegal earnings)

  让…处于同一起跑线 put… on the same platform and at the same starting point

  让位于竞争需要 give way to the need for competition

  申请专利 apply for a patent

  实现目标 realize the goal

  适应…的发展 adapt oneself to the development of

  损失惨重 suffer great losses

  缩小不平衡状态 decrease the imbalance

  缩小…间的距离 narrow the gap between

  提高公务员工资 raise the salaries of civil servants

  提高管理水平 raise the management level

  提高居民生活 improve residents’ standard of living

  调整产业结构 adjust the industrial structure

  推广科研成果 turn laboratory achievements into commercial (mass) production (commercialize laboratory achievements)

  退还大量钱款 give back an amount of money

  脱贫致富 cast (shake, throw) off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity

  完善服务 perfect services

  为…带来多种经济和社会效益 bring multiple economic and social benefits to…

  为…提供巨大商机 present huge business opportunities

  吸收游资 absorb idle fund

  吸引外商投资 attract foreign investment

  下海 plunge into the commercial sea

  陷入困境 land oneself in deep trouble

  向…投资巨额资金 invest huge amounts of money into

  消灭假冒伪劣产品 wipe out fake products

  以经济建设为中心 focus on the central task of economic construction

  以质量求生存、求发展、求效益 strive for survival, development and efficiency on the basis of quality

  优胜劣汰 select the superior and eliminate the inferior 优先发展公共运输 give priority to the development of public transportation