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1. 表示转折关系的并列连词。这类连词主要有 but, yet 等。如:Someone borrowed my pen, but I don’t remember who. 有人借了我的钢笔,但我不记得是谁了。

2. 表示因果关系的并列连词。这类连词主要有 for, so 等。如:

The child had a bad cough, so his mother took him to the doctor. 这孩子咳得很利害,所以他妈妈带他去看医生。


3. 表示并列关系的并列连词。这类连词主要有 and , or , either…or , neither…nor , not only…but (also) , both…and , as well as 等。如:He didn’t go and she didn’t go either. 他没去,她也没去。


1. 引导时间状语从句的从属连词:

(1) 表示“当…时候”或“每当”的时间连词。主要的 when, while, as, whenever。如:

Don’t talk while you’re eating. 吃饭时不要说话。

(2) 表示“在…之前(或之后)”的时间连词。主要的有before, after。如:

Try to finish your work before you leave. 离开前设法把工作做完。

(3) 表示“自从”或“直到”的时间连词。主要的有since, until, till。如:

She’s been playing tennis since she was eight. 她从八岁起就打网球了。

(4) 表示“一…就”的时间连词。主要的有as soon as, the moment, the minute, the second, the instant, immediately, directly, instantly, once, no sooner…than, hardly…when等。如:

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from her. 我一接她的信就通知你。

(5) 表示“上次”、“下次”、“每次”等的时间连词。主要的有every time(每次),each time(每次),(the) next time(下次),any time(随时),(the) last time(上次),the first time(第一次)。如:

I’ll tell him about it (the) next time I see him. 我下一次见到他时,我就把这个情况告诉他。

注意:every time, each time, any time前不用冠词,(the) next time, (the) last time中的冠词可以省略,而the first time中的冠词通常不能省略。

2. 引导条件状语从句的从属连词。这类连词主要有if, unless, as [so] long as, in case 等。如:

Do you mind if I open the window?我开窗你不介意吧?

注意:在条件状语从句中,通常要用一般现在时表示将来意义,而不能直接使用将来时态。不过,有时表示条件的 if之后可能用 will,但那不是将来时态, 而是表示意愿或委婉的请求(will为情态动词)。如:If you will sit down for a few moments, I’ll tell the manager you’re here. 请稍坐, 我这就通知经理说您来了。

3. 引导目的状语从句的从属连词。主要的有 in order that, so that, in case, for fear等。如:

He raised his voice so that everyone could hear. 他提高了嗓音,以便每个人都能听见。

4. 引导结果状语从句的从属连词。主要的有so that, so…that, such…that等。如:

I went to the lecture early so that I got a good seat. 我去听演讲去得很早, 所以找个好座位。

5. 引导原因状语从句的从属连词。主要的有because, as, since, seeing (that), now (that), considering (that) 等。如:

He distrusted me because I was new. 他不信任我,因为我是新来的。

6. 引导让步状语从句的从属连词。主要的有although, though, even though, even if, while, however, whatever, whoever, whenever, wherever等。如:

Although they are twins, they look entirely different. 他们虽是孪生, 但是相貌却完全不同。

7. 引导方式状语从句的从属连词。主要的有as, as if, as though, the way等。如:Why didn’t you catch the last bus as I told you to? 你怎么不听我的话赶乘末班公共汽车呢?

8. 引导地点状语从句的从属连词。主要的有where, wherever, everywhere, anywhere等。如:

The church was built where there had once been a Roman temple. 这座教堂盖在一座罗马寺庙的旧址。

9. 引导比较状语从句的从属连词。主要的有than和as…as。如:She was now happier than she had ever been. 现在她比过去任何时候都快活。

10. 引起名词从句的从属连词。主要有that, whether, if 等,它们用于引导主语从句、表语从句、宾语从句和同位语从句。其中that 不仅没不充当句子成分,而且没有词义,在句子中只起连接作用;而 if, whether 虽不充当句子成分,但有词义,即表示“是否”。如:

He replied that he was going by train. 他回答说他将坐火车去。


1. in/ by contrast 对比之下

2. unfortunately 不幸地

3. though/ although 尽管

4. even though 即使

5. anyway 无论如何

6. after all 毕竟

7. all the same 依然; 照样

8. in fact/ as a matter of fact 事实上

9. fortunately 幸运地

10. however 然而

11. in spite of 尽管; 虽然

12. at the same time 同时; 然而

13. otherwise 否则

14. on the contrary 相反

15. especially 尤其

16. There are two sides to everything.


1.by this time 此时

2. at the same time 同时

3. after a while 过了一会儿

4. after a few days 几天以后

5. second/ secondly 第二; 第二点

6. in addition 另外

7. besides/ what’s more 另外

8. by the way 顺便提一句

9. in other words 换句话说

10. in particular/ particularly 特别地

11. worse still 更糟的是 11.in the same way 同样地

12.obviously 明显地

13. no doubt 无疑地

14. for example/ for instance 例如

15. therefore 因此

16. indeed 的确

17. unlike 不象…

18. certainly 当然

19. for another 其次

20. still 仍然

21.similarly 同样地


therefore;consequently;because of ;for the reason;thus;hence;due to;owing to;so accordingly thanks to;on this account;since;as;on that account ;in this way;for as a result;as a consequence


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