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【六级作文】题目:The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.


It is universally acknowledged that the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. To put in another word, it is wise for us to seize the moment and spare no efforts to finish the current task.

On the one hand, actions play a key role in the course of achieving goals. As a consequence, it is imperative that we should take prompt actions to accomplish a future aim. On the other hand, we are supposed to attach due importance to the efficiency, which exerts a critical impact on personal growth and future career. As a result, improving the efficiency is what we cannot neglect.

In a word, effective and efficient actions must be taken by every individual for the sake of achieving great dreams. If we can make progress little by little, the dream will come true in the near future.


“Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated.” Those were the words uttered by pioneering British scientist Rosalind Franklin, who firmly believed that the pursuit of science should be (26) ______ to all.

As a woman working in the first half of the 20th century, Franklin’s contributions to some of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time – including the structure of DNA – were sadly (27) ______ in her lifetime. One of my proudest moments in my role as universities and science minister was being able to go some way to redress this injustice last month, by unveiling the new Mars rover named after this brilliant British scientist.

Today, on International Women’s Day, it is only right that we recognise the important work of female scientists like Franklin and seek to honour her memory by inspiring more women and girls to follow in her footsteps.

More than 60 years after Franklin’s death, we are (28) ______ living in a different world, where women play an important part in every echelon of our society – not least in science, innovation, higher education and research.

UK universities are world leaders when it comes to advancing and (29) ______ gender equality. The Athena SWAN charter, initially established to improve the representation of women in scientific disciplines in higher education, now has 145 members. It has also expanded to promote gender equality in multiple disciplines – including the arts, social sciences, humanities, business and law.

In the past decade, we have seen a (30) ______ increase in England in the number of women accepted on to full-time undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem subjects). And in the last academic year, women (31) ______ for more than half of all Stem postgraduates at UK universities. The government is taking further steps to improve women’s representation in science and has today awarded nine inspiring women £50,000 to develop inventions to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities we face as a society. From new materials to cut down on plastics pollution to special devices to improve posture and comfort for wheelchair users, these women are at the forefront of creating the new technology for tomorrow.

This is significant progress, but access to higher education is only half of the equation. To have real equality in the sector, we need to ensure talented women are able to progress into the academic and leadership roles they desire, and get the remuneration they deserve.

Data shows us the (32) ______ to success gets harder for women to climb the further up they go. Although women make up the majority of undergraduates in our universities, just under half of academic staff are female. At (33) ______ levels, only a quarter of professors are women, and black women make up less than 2% of all female academic staff.

I welcome the introduction of pro-active strategies like the new initiative at the University of Leicester, which I am visiting today, to increase the number of female professors by 1.5% each year, with the overall goal of having 30% professorships held by women by 2020.

There are also stark differences in pay across grades. The gender pay gap based on median salaries across the sector in 2016-17 was 13.7%, (34) ______ there is still some way to go to ensure women are rising through the ranks to higher grade positions and being paid (35) ______.

【选词填空】 参考答案:







32. stagnation

33. determined

34. urgent

35. capacity

【信息匹配】 参考答案:

36- 40 CJBAK 41-45 EMHDL

36. C Piaget Believed that small children...

37. J The author and his colleagues...

38. B In the latter half of the last century...

39. A Research conducted by Jane...

40. K Our improved understanding of babies...

41. E It has been found in recent research...

42. M Scientists are still debating...

43. H The newer research methods focus on...

44. D With the progress in psychology...

45. L Even though marked advances have been made...

【仔细阅读】 参考答案:

46-50 BDACC 51-55 BAACC

46. B They hold a different view on stress from the popular one.

47. D They apply extreme tactics.

48. A They help him combat stress from work.

49. C It is something everybody has to live with.

50. C Its effect varies considerably from person to person.

51. B Hunting may also be a solution.

52. A It keeps him pollution under control.

53. A Over pollution is not an issue.

54. C Many birds and small animals are being.

55. C Coordinated efforts of hunter.




The Romance of Three Kingdoms written in the fourteenth century is a famous historical novel in China. Based on the history of the Three Kingdoms period, this literary history describes the war between Wei, Shu and Wu from the second half of the second century to the second half of the third century. The novel portrays almost a thousand characters and countless historical events. Although most of these characters and events are based on real history, they are romanticized and dramatized to varying degrees. The Romance of Three Kingdoms is regarded as a literary masterpiece. It has attracted generations of readers since its publication, and it also exerts a widespread and lasting influence on Chinese history.



1. 文章开头。例如,长对话1,Question 1:What do we learn about Anna Sanchez?(关于Anna Sanchez我们能得知什么?)的答案来自文章开头句:Tonight, we have a very special guest. Mrs. Anna Sanchez is a three-time Olympic champion and author of the new book To the Edge. 再如,短文2,Question 12:What does the speaker say has aroused public interest?(讲话人说的什么内容引起了公众的兴趣?)答案来自文章开头句:Public interest was aroused by the latest discovery of a changed gene in obese life.

2. 文章结尾。比如,长对话2,Question 8:What does the woman say makes furniture marginally more profitable?(女人说什么使得家具业略微更加容易盈利?)答案来自文章最后一句:Furniture is marginally more profitable, mostly because it enjoys lower customs duties.

3. 提示词。例如,长对话2,Question 8:What does the woman say makes furniture marginally more profitable?(女人说什么使得家具业略微更加容易盈利?)的答案句中包含明显的原因提示词because;同样,演讲1,Question 18:What may threaten a friendship for both men and women?(什么品质会共同威胁到男人和女人之间的友谊?)的答案句中有明显的because of这样的原因提示词;再如,演讲3,Question 25:What does the speaker say older people tried their best to do?(讲话人说,老年人尽他们最大努力在做什么?)答案句前出出现了明显的提示词So。