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My name is ___. __ is my given name. _means sweet and_ means person, so my name means a sweet-tempered girl. I actually am! But you can call me June, for your convenience, j-u-n-e, it's similar to my Chinese name Jun. I am from Enping, a small city in the southwest of Guangdong Province, near HongKong and Macao. Maybe you have never been there before, it's well known for the hot springs there.

In 20_, I got the highest score in the College Entrance Examinations in my city and entered Zhongshan University. My major is Computer Science. My GPA ranks in the top 40% among all students, but I have stronger C programming skills than many others. Also, I was the first one to learn Java in my class.

I was chosen by a teacher of mine to participate in his project. The project was about a LAN chat room, and I developed the instant messaging system in it. I was the only female student in this project team.

Besides study and the project, I worked in the Student union for two years, first year as a member, next year promoted to be the General Secretary. My colleagues describe me as a reliable and considerate person.

IBM is top on my job hunting list for of the reasons you hear every day. I look forward to joining a famous company as it means good training, good pay, and good people to work with, just like you gentlemen!


Hello, my name is Liu Suihan, from Hefei sales department. Graduated from Ontario Jianghuai College English professional.11 month early to practice here, has half the time.

"Jiangnan autumn do not withered grass", this is the deepest feeling here.

Jessica trees suffering Bicao, first touched me is the beauty here for strangeness places it was quietly fade. Then the unknown expectations and worries...

With full of doubts and curiosity to department practice, we own, busy awfully. I feel it is a lot to learn. Wang manager's voice is nice, cordial and thorough; the atmosphere here is very harmonious, warm and gentle.

Later in the day, the Ministry of training, explain and Prospect of the details of the new director Liu, and colleagues in the ups and downs of the stadium and carefree, I think I fell in love with this place...

Two days of the week, from the beginning to now feel a long day flies, soon to report back to Hefei, I think I will miss the days here clearly here picturesque scenery.

Active thinking of me, but occasionally love silence; love thinking, quietly listening to the time flow away from the side; love in their own way to think about the world, simply to see something beautiful. Love, love beautiful day, love life, love is the common struggle you as long as the heart is beautiful. And everything you see will be beautiful.

Look forward to working with you hand in hand with golf!


20_.7 --- 20_.10 China National Gold Group ( Hunan ) Mining Production Development Technician mainly underground mining of gold and antimony mine , engaged in the production line , the main job is to blast holes parameters such as design, roadway bolt layout , monitoring, measurement development roadway , project follow-up , as well as the design focus of the project. In the meantime, been to many training and exchange of learning , a variety of mining technology has a deeper understanding of the geological and geotechnical mine have been learning system , a variety of blasting has a more extensive field experience, their own Some mining tasks can be completed independently , study and work , such as mining CAD software is very familiar with , and made a CAD certificate III .

PubMed in October 20_ due to the resignation of back to school so that review, after the end of January 20_ to the Commissioner of a third party on behalf of PubMed cooperation in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province and China Railway 16th Bureau subway construction , the main measurement, monitoring, and tunnels the construction work. .

Since the work, has been engaged in the front line of mining work , so let me have a hardworking cautious , practical and stable personality, and underground work makes me stronger organization and discipline , with a strong team spirit. Study and work in the future , I will still be strict with themselves.


Good morning, Dear Professors:

It’s my honor to introduce myself. My name is chenchen, I am from qingyang County anhui Province, April 6 I was born in a common family, and my parents are workers, I love and respect them very much. We were delight with my becoming a fresh man in September 1994. Luckily, I was permitted to be a graduate student after 5 years colorful life on campus.

I received my Bachelor degree 20_ in anhui agriculture university Institute of (College of )Resources and Environmental Science, then a Master degree 20_ in anhui agriclture University of Science and Technology. For those 7 years my major was Die Design.

Before I received my Master degree, I had done the subject of meteorology. For the past 3 years, I have been in anhui agriculture College, where I have been and still am a teacher. I teach students Machine Design etc. I have published more than 10 first-author papers. That’s all, thanks!


I think the first task of college students or learn cultural knowledge, so I learn in the sense, not to relax. I think a good learning method is very helpful to learn the knowledge, so every day after learning, I will summarize the learning experience. A hard one harvest, often see their achievements in progress, I will sigh as long as you have the determination, nothing is impossible. For students of our computer-related majors, the knowledge of light optics is not enough.

I use the spare time often read computer class books, and participated in a number of computer-level qualification examination, and achieved good results. I think that learning is the student's occupation, the occupation also need to have wisdom, perseverance and perseverance. In today 's fast - growing information age, I We only learn new knowledge, we will not lag behind! Overall, this semester for their achievements or decent. Single digital image processing Although this course did not learn too much of the content, but also on its basic principles have a certain understanding.