Lisa Waugh 2020-04-25 09:30
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The Craziest Harry Potter Fan Theories That Could Be True Part 2


4. Crookshanks Used To Belong To Lily Potter


This one comes from Yedu Krishnan who says that when Hermione buys the cat at Magical Menagerie, the owner says they’ve had the cat for “quite some time.” Harry often wondered if their cat survived the attack by Voldemort when he was a baby.

这个脑洞来自哈迷Yedu Krishnan,他认为当赫敏在魔法宠物店买下这只猫时,主人说他们已经养这只猫“很久了”。而哈利常常怀疑在他婴儿时期被伏地魔袭击时,他家的猫是否躲过了袭击。

So when Crookshanks recognizes Scabbers/Wormtail and Sirius in their animagus forms, it’s a strong clue that Crookshanks was Harry’s family cat.


5. The Dursleys Strengthened Harry By Being Awful


Is Harry who he is because of the harsh treatment he received from the Dursleys?


Tumblr user Great Hero Battle Fight suggests the following theory:

Tumblr用户Great Hero Battle Fight提出了这样的看法:

Almost every single character trait exhibited by Harry can be linked back to his time at the Dursleys: He’s a good seeker because he was malnourished enough to be small and fast, and had gained excellent reflexes from constantly dodging their swings at him. He wants to protect and help others, because no-one helped him. He hates bullies, like Malfoy, because he was bullied. He doesn’t try at school, because he was never encouraged at home, and in fact, was probably punished if he did better than Dudley.


Even Harry’s lack of curiosity about his family, his past, leading to Hermione or Ron to explain everything is linked back to the number one rule at the Dursleys’, ‘Don’t ask questions.’


6. Hermione, Harry, And Ron Chose To Be In Gryffindor


Redditors theorize that Hermione represents Ravenclaw because she is intelligent and can solve problems, Harry best reflects Slytherin because he’s ready to do what it takes to defeat Voldemort, and Ron is probably Hufflepuff because of his loyalty, but they all chose Gryffindor because they are brave and stronger together.


7. Neville Was The Second Chosen One


Neville’s Remembrall was at him to remember his robes. Why? Because his robes would save him from a fatal fall - twice.


Also, Quirrell tried to take out Neville by controlling his broom. Voldemort might have had a sense that Neville would be his ultimate downfall.


8. Was Hagrid Incapable Of Fathering Children?


Hagrid is a hybrid, thanks to his half-giant/half-human blood. Most hybrids are sterile. Could this be why he is so attached to the animals, magical beasts, and the children of Hogwarts?


Is it because Hagrid longs to be a parent?


9. The Dursleys Treated Harry Like Garbage Because He’s A Horcrux


Why were the Dursleys so evil and malicious to Harry? It could be that they were under the influence of the piece of Voldemort’s soul embedded in Harry as a Horcrux. If Ron could only take five minutes of a Horcrux, and Ginny was nearly done in by Tom Riddle’s diary, imagine how that would affect the Dursleys for an entire decade.


Maybe they sucked as people from the start, but Harry as the Horcrux made them so much worse. The leaving scene in Deathly Hallows: Part 1 does show that at least there’s hope for Dudley.