英音: [nestid]   美音: [nestid]



时态: nestednestingnests



  • Objects made of or work done in wood,especially wooden interior fittings in a house,as moldings,doors,staircases,or windowsills. 木制器用木头制成的物品或用木器做的工作,尤指房屋内木制的内部装置,像线脚、门、楼梯或窗台
  • Freedom from passion,bias,or emotion;objectivity. 冷静,不偏不倚,不冲动;客观
  • The uniformitarian principle, like any other scientific "law", rests on the objective circumstance 均变说原理,象其它任何科学“定律”一样,是以客观环境作为根据的。
  • An unlimited line,half - line,or line segment serving to orient a space or a geometric object,especially a line about which the object is symmetric. 轴用于给空间或几何体定位的无限直线、射线或线段,特别是关于对称物体的线
  • Her brown russet short-gown sets off a shape, which time, perhaps, might be expected to render too robust, the frequent objection to Scottish beauty 赤褐色的短袍衬托出她的苗条的身材,将来年令大了也许会变得粗壮,同苏格兰的审美观点不相容。
  • My object will be, if possible, to form Christian men, for Christian boys I can scarcely hope to make. --Thomas Arnold, American humorist 我的目标——如果可能的话——是造就信奉基督的孩子。美国幽默家阿诺德
  • At the heart of it, magnified by the curved surface, there was a strange, pink, convoluted object that recalled a rose or a sea anemone 在中央,由于弧形的缘故,看上去像放大了一样,有一个奇怪的粉红色的蟠曲的东西,使人觉得像朵玫瑰花,又像海葵。
  • Self-assessment results,benchmarking, competitor analysis, opportunities for improvement, and resources needed to meet the objectives. 自我评定结果;水平对比,竞争对手的分析,改进的机会;达到目标所需的资源。
  • “But Mr. Heathcliff was quite cordial, papa,”observed Catherine, not at all convinced,“and he didn’t object to our seeing each other.” “可是希克厉先生挺热情呢,爸爸,”卡瑟琳说,并没有把他的话听进去,“而且他并不反对我们俩见面。”
  • A variety of occupations, of objects, and of company, which could not be procured at barton, would be inevitable there 在这里肯定有五花八门的消遣、多种多样的打算和各式各样的朋友,而这些在巴顿是得不到的。


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