Phonetic English System KK音标



  • This object has been photographed at a magnification of 3, ie three times actual size 此物体拍照时已放大了叁倍
  • Normally, the brain does not interpret tile phosphene patterns as identifiable objects 正常情况下,脑不能把磷苯图像转化成可识别的物像。
  • Derive Objects From 导入物体依据
  • Heap or pile of objects;group of people 成堆物品;人群
  • In perspective rendering,one of several imaginary planes perpendicular to the line of vision between the viewer and the object being depicted. 轮廓,平面图概略在透视的图表中,与被描述的观察者和物体之间的视觉线垂直的虚构位面之一
  • The victim of this aberration may be wealthy, and the object stolen may be worthless 这种失常的人可能很富有,偷来的东西可能一文不值
  • the flying saucer;Unidentified flying object (UFO) 不明飞行物
  • Insert and embed an object,such as a chart or an equation in a document. 插入并嵌入一个对象,例如一个文件中的一份图表或一个等式。
  • stereoscopic vision is the direct perception of distances of objects, using both eyes 立体视觉是两眼对物体距离的直观感觉。
  • Objects made of glass;glassware. 玻璃制品玻璃制成的物体;玻璃制品


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